Saturday, July 01, 2006

Welcome to The Luckiest One.

In 2002, I matriculated at an Ivy League law school. Four short years later, I've found myself in a large Midwestern city, without a law degree. Without a job. Missing three teeth. And approximately $91,000 in debt. I have alienated my friends and family. I have committed many crimes and idly contemplated committing many more. Told countless lies. How to explain this troubling reversal of fortune? Welcome to the entertaining world of online (and offline) gambling. Or "gaming", as it euphemistically called by those in the industry.

A point of clarification: This blog is not meant solely to be a broadside against the companies that profit from the recent synergy of gambling and the internet anymore than it is meant solely to be an exercise in self-flagellation for my utter lack of good judgment or willpower. Instead, I am writing this to tell people of my journey. It's mostly a cautionary tale. And perhaps it's one told in vain, given the fact that those who are most at risk are, if they're anything like me, quite adroit at the whole self-deceit thing.

That said, sometimes I will call out different gaming industry entities for what I believe to be outrageous conduct. But more often, I'll hold my own feet to the flame for having been an idiot. Impulsive. Greedy. Desperate.

The good news is that, as far as the scourge of gambling is concerned, there's more than enough guilt to go around.


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